Meet the Team at Brushmarks

Meet your dedicated team
of design professionals.

We've assembled a team of design professionals with years of experience working on the marketing needs of small businesses. Meet some of the crew!

Mark Olsen

mark olsenI wear all of the hats! Some days it feels like a juggling act with someone always trying to add balls but, I love it! The people, challenges, and places I meet everyday make everyday worth it! From the interaction with my clients developing visual marketing campaigns to sweeping and mopping the floors, I am fully immersed in my business. I am proud of what I do and I am proud of what I have created in Brushmarks.

How I got here...

I graduated the Sign Lettering and Design program at MSCTC Detroit Lakes in 1988. After working for a few large companies in Fargo ND, I was ready to start on my own! I set up shop in the basement of Ma and Pa's house and started from there. By 1993 I had my own building and have been steadily been moving forward. As the industry has changed, so have I. From a pencil and a brush, to the modern day computers, printers, equipment, and technology, my business has taken me into places I never thought it would be. Even though the way I process products is different, my belief in integrity, honesty and professionalism when dealing with my clients still holds true. I still believe I am creating friends with every new client.

Best part of job...

I enjoy the challenges of finding ways to help our clients with their visual marketing needs. I love the creativity and with the use of technology, equipment, and materials, see that creativity become successful in each of the individual business I work with!

Free time fun...

  • Spending time with family
  • Hunting
  • Ice Fishing
  • Summer Fishing
  • Camping
  • Travel
  • Golf
  • Anything on the water or outdoors!

Favorite stuff...

  • My Mom's weekly homemade baked goods
  • Our Pontoon
  • My Fish house
  • My patio
  • My fire pit and grill

Dave Keena

dave keenaOversees Production. I have done it all from digging holes for posts, install vehicle wraps, to installing signs atop a 15' ladder (I hate ladders and VERY MUCH prefer the bucket truck!)

How he got here...

Back in my high school days, I was really into cars. I brought a car into Brushmarks for some awesome graphics and had to wait while they were installed. I got to go into the shop and watched as they were applied and found it fascinating. There were also other unique projects in process at the shop that interested me. The next year as a Senior in High School, we had an option for a class called "School to Work", Brushmarks was on the lists as options so I was set up to go to Brushmarks for a couple of hours each school day. From the first decal I produced, I was hooked! Upon graduating from High School I enrolled and graduated from MSCTC in Detroit Lakes with a degree in Graphic Sign Design. I have taken a specialized 3-M wrap training,attended a sign convention in Orlando, FL and I now have over 10 years of experience under my belt!

Best part of job...

I love researching methods of installation and new products. With an industry that is always challenging, I feel staying one step ahead of the competition is a great way to offer our clients a quality sign!

Free time fun...

  • Spend time with my Wife and our newborn daughter
  • Playing Texas hold-em poker
  • Shooting Pool
  • Golf
  • Camping
  • Hunting of all kinds
  • Anything outside...

Favorite Stuff...

  • Coffee
  • Big snow falls
  • Matte Black
  • Turbo Diesel trucks
  • Funny You-tube Videos

Kris Gaetz

What I do...

kris gaetzDesign! Designs! Design! I take everything I get handed(scribbles &notes) and make it into what the client is looking for: helping people see the reality of their vision! Doesn't that sound cool? Most of the time they keep me hidden with my music blaring so I can focus on designing, but I have been known to answer a phone once in a while. When the guys are really desperate for a laugh, they get me to hang on ladders or even paint.

How I got here...

You could say I jumped in with both feet...I have over 20 years of design background: Graphic Designs(M-STATE, Moorhead, MN) Interior Design(Rhodec, Online, Maine Offices) and Web Design(M-STATE, Detroit Lakes,MN). I've designed for screen print, embroidery, web pages, variety of homes, music cd covers and band merchandise, wedding companies, business cards and branding, new letters and brochures. When designing signs, I have to use all of my design backgrounds and years of knowledge from the Brushmarks team to create really amazing designs.

Best part of job...

Doing what I love to do! Creating & designing! Nothing is more exciting for me then to see what went from rough sketches on paper to computer proofs, then to a finished project! Vehicle wraps and Monuments signs are the most fun! I love "Bling" so lighted signs are way cool too!

Free Time fun...

  • Laughing with my wonderful sons & amazing friends
  • Traveling and Concerts
  • Working on my "English" cottage
  • Thrift shopping with my cousins
  • Cruising with the top down, playing music loud!
  • Surfing the web for design ideas
  • Zumba, dancing & swimming

Favorite stuff...

  • My Mustang convertible
  • The play list I can't live without
  • My computer, phone & the internet
  • Salted caramel lattes
  • My Closet-filled with clothes for every mood!